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Arashinome (Storm eye/ Eye of the storm)
When the Eye is activated The user Looks into the eyes of the opponent And sends an Electrical pulse that over louds the users nerves causing a Temporarily Paralysis effect.    


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"After Leaving Krabuan he..." His voice trailed into space. "He changed becoming someone else, You've heard of information brokers right? He help  find information on the orange guilds and players. Even becoming one himself  for a time."    

A hooded figure was walking down an alleyway  his courser was hidden. 'Lindas, Floor 48, A quite town, though there as been rumors of bandits in the dungeon on this floor.' h wasn't even paying attention and he ran into a young female who was knocked over.

"watch where you're are going" The hooded male said he looked down at the young female. "  Ahh sorry" he  put his hand out for her to grab.
"Thank you" she said as she stood up she was 5'3" and had blue curly hair and bright blue eyes. She dusted herself off.
  The male was speechless he tried to say words but only air came out.
"Hehe.  My name is Lillian Nice to meet you"
The male blushed his face a deep red. "I-I-I'm Krabuan, n-n-nice to meet you, Li-lli-an"  He looked away from her.
"Kra-bon, Nice to meet you. What brings you to these parts?"  
"Ahh" his voice trailed ( If I tell her why I'm here she will think I'm strange, So lie to her. I read that once , lying to Lillian is the best way to proceed') "I'm here looking for someone."
She  giggled softly " Who are you looking for? Maybe i can help?"
"Umm well... to be perfectly honest I'm looking for a girlfriend of mine"
"Ohh" her voice faded (Really this guy has a girlfriend(s) Who the hell does he think he is to come and wound a poor girls heart')"what's her name maybe I've seen her. I run the Inn on this floor"  
('Oh man I really messed  up, I'm such an idiot. Why did I tell her I had a girlfriend. Now I've just pissed this cute girl off.') He thought to himself "Umm , I think her name is Mirra, she's about yay big ,uses a spear."  
She gave a look of disapproval "Oh her she's staying at my Inn. Why don't you come by"
"Oh really that's good to hear." (I think I just made things worse. Why did I tell her my target? I'm Helpless)

They walked down the street couple of blocks till reaching "My heart's desire"
"I'm back!" Lillian Said gleefully as she opened the door to the inn.
"Welcome back young mistress"  A small black cat said from the counter.
"D-D-did that monster just talk?" Krabuan asked (I've never heard one talk before, Interesting)
"Oh yes this is Mortimer, He is a feline type monster" Lillian said "I'm a beast tamer if you could not tell."  
"That's amazing." (Wow , she's like no girl i've ever met...) he was lost in his own thoughts.
"Umm Kra-Bon , are you there? Mort asked you a question."
"Oh sorry yes?" Krabuan said timidly
"I was just asking for how long you need a room , we have two rates. Weekly or daily, Weekly is 3000 Col , per day is about 450 Col."  
"I think , only need a room for two days" (That should be enough time to learn more about 'The Phantom')

"Okay that will be 900 Col" Lillian said  a small grin on her face "Also we offer breakfast and dinner, And that girl you wanted to see will be in for work around 7 o clock."
"You mean she works here? I kinda figured she was more of a spelunker considering her skills with a spear."
"My girls have to make a living some how."
"Your girls?" Krabuan looked confused
"Yes my girls, The hearts desire is an all female establishment. "
"HEY what about me " the small feline spoke up.
"Oh mort you don't count" She giggled
(I can't stop nut feel happy at this , She acts as thou non of these bad thing are happening. Can you really live like that? I get angry at the thought of Pker existing.) Krabuan had a blank look on his face lost in thought.

"Mister Kra-Bon you're strange" Lillian said as she put on an apron on and began working the kitchen. "Just don't cause trouble while you're here okay?"
"Yes" He replied softly as he found some where to sit and wait.

Some time passed it was nearly 7.
"Hey, Krabuan how's it going?"  A tall woman said from the entryway of the inn. She had white hair and dark pink eyes.
"Mirra, is that you? You look different, maybe it's your gear"
"What do you mean my gear?" she looked down at the black outfit she had home it closely resembled a maids outfit. "You ... Bastered" she punched him in the face  he crashed into the nearby wall.
"Oww  I did not mean it like that Mirra. I just meant you looked stronger."
"Well you're not forgiven Humph."
They sat a table and began chatting for a while before her shift at the inn needed to start.

(I've learned mostly everything I can about The Phantom. I think I know where he will be tomorrow night. If I can beat him , I can finally got back to Ross and show him I'm strong)

"What Krabuan had done was idiotic at best. He tried to take on The Phantom. He failed at this, but he told me something I could not ignore. That The Phantom was joining the Tournament , and The berserker was said to have been last years champion was also joining. I needed to see just how strong they where for myself. So I to joined the tournament."
"My name Is Takeo Isamu  Or  Olethros as I am called in this world. , its Been two year's since this death game 'Sword Art Online' or 'SAO'. Kayaba Akihiko , Creator of the SAO trapped nearly 10,000 players in the game, well about 8000 now. This is my story the acts I committed while in this death game."

Floor 58 Mountain/Hills, Ice & Snow area
Snow fell on the hooded figure showing no cursor.
"Yo, hand over everything in your packs."  A gang of 4 thugs jumped out on the road.
"Yeah what the boss said."

"So you're the group thats been attacking players." The hooded man looked up "I hate players like you."

"Who the hell do you think you are!" the bandit boss said.
"the boss said hand it over" a axe wilder said.

"One, Two, Three , Four, Five , Six. You keep your red players hidden to set an ambush. Smart but they should develop their stealth skill more."

"What did you Say! Boys get him well just take it off his corpse."

The three orange plays charged at him Swords and axes flying. Olethros throw his cloak off reviling his one-handed sword and large shield. "HAAAAAAAAA" his sword arts Activated using his sword the block one of the attacks followed by his shield blocking the axe wielder.  
"Got you" a Spear thrust at Olethros his reaction speed was fast enough to get his shield to block the spear skating on the shield. "You DIE!" Olethros pushing his shield into the spear users face activating a  Sword and shield art. Depleting the spear user to half. The sword and ace wielders both used there own arts to attack Olethros both landed seeming to do  minimum damage.
"Gotta Try harder then that!" He said the spear user shattered in a thousands shards.
"Who the hell are you" that boss said.  
"Your Demise"  His  blocked both the sword and axe. Countering with his own art a 3 hit combo to quick slashes with a shield bash  the sword wielder shattered.  
"You killed him" the axe wilder looked shocked. As two red player finally jumped out.
"I know who you are! You're Olethros a Pk-Pker. Get outta here"

They ran Olethros cornered the bandit leader.
"Give me The sword you stole from that group earlier this week. " His shield in the mans face.
"Why the Hell would I give you my Loot."
"If you don't I will kill you and take what I want anyways"
"You can't kill me, You'll  stack more Orange time."
"Teh... Killing you would do the world a favor"
"Fine take It" He materialized  'Hāpu'  A Straight Blade, it's blade was a red steel, it's hilt was elaborate. It had a high attack and also added a boost to defense significantly.
"Thank you for you donation." He pulled a teleport crystal. "Lindas"
The bandit was Gone and stood alone. "I need this appraised my a professional , my skills not nearly high enough to know all the stats for it."

Olethros headed towered a neutral city one of the smaller ones that did not have so strict of a player code.
"I bet one of the merchants  around here must have a high enough skill."  A faint smile grow on his face as he thought of his new weapon.  He walked down the snowy streets keeping mostly to the shadows.
"For someone who is sworn to deliver justice to the World Of Sword Art Online you stay very suspicious" A young male said jumping from one of the roof tops.
"Not now Krabuan." Olethros looked behind him directly at the male.
".I saw you wipe out that whole gang and even forced the leader to go to jail. Quite impressive if I might add."  
"Krabuan, I told you to not follow me. What if you got hurt? Or worse gotten killed."
"B-B-But- " Olethros cut him off "No you don't understand, I made a promise. I keep my promises."
"I just want to be strong like you! You act like you're the only one effected by anything around here; Like my sister dieing only means something to you, Its not like it was your fault!"  
"K... No I know that it matters to you... that's why you can't be like me. You will just end up dead sooner or later. That's why I need you here, helping me from the background. Teh I don't know why , I bother telling you this"  Olethros just looked back forwarded and slowly started walking away his cloak moving softly in the frigid wind.
"Ross I'm sorry"  He moved to follow Olethros.
Olethros just kept walking ignoring Krabuan.    

"I left Krabuan alone in that alleyway, I had saved him and his sister from a gang of thugs who where going to steal a rear item from them. I was mainly after that gang for a legendary sword that was said to have been found as part of a special event boss. We quickly became friends and worked together on several quests, But that was all for not after the 46th boss room..."  his voice trailed off into the recording device.
Name: Leucetius Regulus

Nickname:  Arc


Birthday: Oct - 31

Gender: Male

Species: Demi-God
Lightning Magic
Lesser time manipulation ( he can speed himself up. He is not strong enough to go back or influence time of people around him  .
Angelic vision ( Detect Sinners  and dark vision )  
Illusion magic.

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 160 Lb

Skin Color: Pale

Eyes:  Golden eyes that shift to  dark red in cretin lights

Hair: Black

Other Physical Features:  He has a tattoo of a crescent moon with a sword through it  on his left shoulder  
. on his left and he has a tribal  open pocket watch.
Clothing Style: Mostly waers Blacks and dark blues. Though on occasion he wears a lavender button up with black dress pants.

General Attitude/Personality:  Shy, But generally an air of care free.

Attitude/Personality Towards Others (They like.): Kind , and over protective

Attitude/Personality Towards Others (They dislike.):  Rivalry

Likes:  Sodas ,  Dragon BBQ,  Food .

Dislikes: Jerks , " Authority " , Bitches , Jocks, Popular , people who thing their inportent , And  people who thinks they  deserves respect.     

Strengths & Weaknesses: Note  

Mother: Laylah

Mother's Species: Angel

Father: Zophar

Father's Species: Demi- Titan

Sibling(s): N/A


Spouse's Species:

Children: N/a
children's Species:

Back Story:  He is Hear at this school.

Description of your character. (Things the application missed.):

Quote: Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work, And The reason lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time.
Name: Laylah Luna  Regulus

Nickname:  Lulu

position applying for : Nurse  

Age: 4000

Birthday:   Feb - 13

Gender: Female

Species: Angel

Powers/abilities/magic: Healing , Empathy , connecting to angel Radio,  and can conjure a Rapier  

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 125 lb

Skin Color:  Pale

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Golden

Other Physical Features:  Here hair is almost always in a Bun to keep it out of her eyes

Clothing Style:  She wears a nurse outfit that her husband call 'Sexy nurse outfit'

General Attitude/Personality:  Loving , calm, and Nice

Attitude/Personality Towards Others (They like.): motherly

Attitude/Personality Towards Others (They dislike.): less talkative and reserved

Likes:  Puppy, Anything cute , kittens  (Her c nursing Cat  assistant Mortimer  )  

Dislikes: The deans choice in clothes , "Not enough Pink, and blues. "

Strengths & Weaknesses:
She is far to trusting.
Mother: N/A

Mother's Species:

Father: N/A

Father's Species:

Sibling(s): Countless Angels including  Michal

Spouse: Zophar

Spouse's Species: Demi-Titan


Children's Species: Young god

Back Story: She was a field  nurse in the last great war. Her older brother Michal  was furious when she reviled to him who she planed on marring and nearly killed Zophar in the presses. The love they shared was almost Romeo and Juliet.

Description of your character. (Things the application missed.):

Quote: All bleeding end eventually .
Name: Zophar Regulus

Nickname: Regis  

Position: Mentor of Combat  

Age: 35 ( though he is at lest 5000 years of age.)

Birthday April 1

Gender: Male

Species: Demi-Titan

Time manipulation ( He can make himself move faster  so the world almost slows down. Like bullet time.)
Light Manipulation ( Basically making light shields and beams)
Improved healing (By using time to speed up healing or rewinding time.)

Height: 5' 7"  

Weight: 145Lb

Skin Color: Tan

Eyes: Golden

Hair: Silver

Other Physical Features:  He has a scar where his heart is.

Clothing Style:  He likes whites and gold clothes. Mainly jeans and t-sheets though. While in class he wears a white with gold trim suite.  And glasses

General Attitude/Personality: Kind and Compassionate.

Attitude/Personality Towards Others (They like.):   He tends to Push them to do their best.

Attitude/Personality Towards Others (They dislike.): Generally cold and uncaring
Likes : Apples, good students , and  games that relies on reflexes

Dislikes:  Bad grade or trouble makers

strengths & Weaknesses: Note  

Mother:  Zirna

Mother's Species: Celestial spirit

Father: Cronos

father's Species: Titan

sibling(s): N/A

Spouse:  Laylah Regulus

Spouse's Species: Seraphim

Children:  LEUCETIUS

Children's Species:  Young god

Back story:
Fighting in the last war of the gods following his father due to his young age he did things dark things he became an assassin killing of gods and other titans.
He met his wife in a hospital as his mortal body was dyeing she saved him from this fate allowing him to give up the dark ways his father had taught him.

Description of your character. (Things the application missed.):

Quote: Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
Zophar Regulus MMA
For another Rp
He is a mentor of Combat  and combat ability
Feel free to RP

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