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It's a WiP  Kekkei Genkai
Arashinome (Storm eye/ Eye of the storm)
When the Eye is activated The user Looks into the eyes of the opponent And sends an Electrical pulse that over louds the users nerves causing a Temporarily Paralysis effect.    


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The day that Dagon most dreaded was heading this way, Valentines day. Dagon was sitting on the peer overlooking the cobalt sea, the waves crashing against each other, the smell of salt thick in the air. "This sucks" Dagon sighed "Why is it so hard to find someone worth caring about" he looked at his black boots, the style was vary western a gift from Leon. Even though it was February the air wasn't cold or too hot, Just right Dagon would think. He sat in the same spot for what seemed like ages before he heard his stomach growling from hungry. He was surprised that Rozaly  wasn't by his side, she had told him that she went to go play with "The Old Wolf" something about learning how to master her skills. "For a guardian she's so disconnected from me, am I too weak? In any case I have  work to finish."
"Who's disconnected?" A female Australian voice said from behind him. Was he so lost in his own thought that he lost his normal keen perception. "I guess, it doesn't matter anyhow" the female voice spoke once more sounding familiar,  not just because he just heard her voice, but as if he knew it from some where. He stood and turned to face the female, he scanned her body sandy blonde hair, defined facial features, along with a scar going across her left eye and the biggest sea colored eyes he's seen in a long time. She was wearing a flannel button up shirt , tight jean pants , and gator skin cowboy boots. By comparison his own rigid features looked more defined as the sun cast shadows over his face, his own scar lining his face, and his green eyes like emeralds in the sun.
"Name's Erica, Erica Krovich" her Australian accent was thick "And you are?"   Dagon remembered where he had meet her, when she came to the island he greeted her like he tries to do with every new comer. "I'm Dagon , Dagon smith, Capo-Secondo of Verda" his thumb pointing to his green colored armband that was over his left arm. "What brings you out this way?" he said this and began feeling like an idiot as he saw her fishing tackle. "Well I'm fishin' off this here peer , getting me some good ol' sea cat," Erica's voice was pleasant and soothing. "Fishing off the peer? You can catch stuff off the peer?" Dagon was surprised by this. "Sure can, wanna give it a try?" Erica offered an extra pole. "I guess, I could give it a go" he smiled lightly. "I've gotta ask, ain't you burning up in that leather coat of yours?"  she said.   He replied "I'm used to it , I always wear it." They spent the next few hours fishing, Dagon had no luck catching anything, Erica however, caught several smaller catfish.
"It looks as though I'm not any good at this." Dagon looked flustered. "Awe don't worry about it, it just takes a bit of luck and patience. " Erica replied in what Dagon could only assume was her normal cheery voice. "What are you going to do with all that fish?"
"I planed on cooking it" she said sarcastically then quickly followed by "I was thinking fish and chips tonight , maybe roasting some later"  
"Well, I was thinking" Dagon's face got red and his voice nervous "I was thinking, perhaps I could make you something with it, I mean for like appreciation for trying to show me how to fish."
"Awe, I couldn't ask you to do that , it was nice havin'  company" Erica replied. Dagon continued, "Really it's no trouble, I honestly don't feel like eating David's meal tonight, Plus I've wanted to try this new recipe I'm working on for poached fish."
"Alright deal, how about 7:30" Erica said cheerfully, "It's a Date" Dagon said then quickly regretted it, as he made his way to his place with the ice box in hand. "Why did I call it a date" he said flustered as he open his Apartment door.
I will not give into this feeling of being so worthless, I will find my light ... even if that means leaving you. Just know that my love will always be true, I never intended to cause you this pain. But I need to walk this path, you are the one who chose not to follow me. The darkness only  grew bigger when I was with you,  I can finally see the light, I've been searching for... my love for you will never die, just know that when you are ready you will find the path that leads you to me.
You need to chose to find this light on your own , I can never make you chose to follow this path, know this my love... that I'm better of this way, without you...
I've found something  new my love , something I can believe in, you wasted the years I've given to you.
"So my dual with "The Berserker"  was a fight that reminded me why I wanted to get stronger. And why I had to Fight!"

"Semi-Finalists to the arena ! Since you are the champion You are allowed to select the field of battle Morphs." The announcer said to them both .

"The coliseum is fine with me" The berserker was imposing wearing what looked like classic gladiator garb, a large sword strapped to his back it shined brightly in the sunset. The in posing figure looked at Olethros "Names morphs 'The berserker' , Nice meeting you, This should be a good fight" He smiled drawing his blade.
"3...2...1... Fight!" the announcer said

The berserker moved fast his over bearing sword was pointing towed the sky as it started glowing red, Olethros moved to block; the steel on steel made a screeching sound. Olethros' sword started glowing green, a 3-hit combo the first to hits failed to connect the last slashed the berserker on the cheek. "Ha, you're good, but take this ahhh"  morphs' 4 hit combo  connected on Olethros only half of them where blocked  lowing his life bar by 10% .
' Damn this guy can hit hard, I won't hold out just blocking matching hit for hit' Olethros thought as he blocked another one attack. Olethros sword started glowing blue, Morphs moved to block the attack leavening his left flank open. Just then Olethros shield glow a bright orange smashing right into the berserkers left side knocking him back followed by a 2-hit sword combo. Lowering the berserkers life by 15% shook his head confused for only a moment. "Nice move, interesting uses of your shield, and you fainted" morphs almost looked happy with a giant grin on his face.
The fight carried on for what seemed like ages but was only 3 minutes . Olethros was in the yellow about 68% of his life, Morphs was at 80% his life still in the green. 'This is no Good, at this rate I'm going to lose...' Olethros was lost in his thoughts leavening the berserker about to throw Olethros back after Olethros last assault on morphs.
"haha, This is turning out to be fun!" morphs said
"What!? How can this be fun? How can any of this even be fun?" Olethros shouted at him while getting up off the ground.
Morphs' eyes narrowed " You don't find this enjoyable? Facing someone who is just as skilled, someone who has the will to live."

Olethros  was breathing deeply he just needed to stall for time as his battle healing would kick in. "No I don't! In this reality its live or die, how could you just fight just because it's fun? Why do you fight?"
Morphs  How do you know we aren't already dead? That's why I fight, that's why I enjoy fighting. It shows me that I'm alive, shows me that I might one day get out of this world and return to my family! That's the answer to your question!" morphs' look turned cold he looked down for a monument his sword's edge was fine, he looked back up to Olethros "Why do you fight? You asked the question can you answer it?"
Olethros looked up at the sky 'Why do I fight...' he thought to himself before answering morphs. " Because I Don't want to die in here, I have to get stronger so I don't Die! I don't want to die that's why I fight!" Olethros was on verge of braking down "I'm just a coward  afraid of dieing!"

"That makes you a coward? I think that makes you brave, You face this scary world head on with a sword in hand. If that makes you a coward then I guess , I'm in the same boat as you!" Morphs' words almost knocked Olethros of his feet.
"you're...Right, I fight to Survive! Thank you for the reminder of why I set out to become the best! " Olethros moved to his combat stance
"Now that we've settled that, let's fight for real!" the berserker moved his sword in front of himself charged head on his blade glowing red. Like before it slammed down on Olethros' shield making a loud humming sound, Olethros counted the attack with his 3-hit shield combo.
The fight continued on for another 2 minutes, Olethros' health was at 60%  the berserker's health was at 70% his gauge turned yellow.
"Now the fights just getting started!" the berserker eyes glow a soft red, his face becoming more feral.
"What is this?! It looks like the Berserker is finally going to use his unique skill
'Battle Rageing!' will Olethros be able to keep up this fight at this pace?" the announcer voice run over the intercom, the crowd was going wild at this point.
The berserker moved his speed was much faster now and his assaulted Olethros. Olethros was barley able to keep himself guarded  having no time to counter attack. 'This is not good, there is no way I can hold out' Olethros Hp gauge was already at 50%, he noticed something as he was defended himself, The berserker has several blind spots in this mode if he was faster he could exploit them.
Olethros risked getting hit to for a 5- hit shield combo, it landed throwing morphs back several feet he was dazed.
"What's this a Olethros , combo broke the berserker !" the announcer was surprised Olethros was able to do it.

"Alright , The fight is going to get stated for real!" Olethros throw his sword into the air it spun and was lost in the  sun , he throw his shield to the side it shattered in to millions of polygons.  He caught his sword , it was 'Hapu'  the red steel blade. He moved to a stander one handed fighting style.
"interesting change of events" the announcer

"I am Olethros, Bounty hunter, Defender, the duelist. I'll show you the duelist fighting style!" He shouted so everyone could hear 'Really flaunting' he thought to him self. The berserker moved in to attack Olethros like before, but this time Olethros side stepped the attack. Almost as if he knew where it was going to land, he delivered several slashes onto the berserker lowing his health by 10%. The berserker moved to attack once more , Olethros moved out of the way again, countering again lowering his health by another 10%.
"Damn , you've gotten faster haven't you, Hahahahahahaha" the berserker got lost into an insane laughter, his movement gotten faster his muscles bulked up.  Olethros got hit by one attack it lowered his health by 20%, he was close to losing.   'alright finish this in one move' Olethros moved away from the berserker. The berserker moved to follow his Sword glow a crimson red surely a powerful combo. The berserker swung his sword in a diagonal line, Olethros reversed his grip and moved to parry at the last second from be hind his back Olethros drew a dagger in his off hand, using the momentum of the attack he jump slightly up to move along the stroke of the blade. Allowing Olethros to get behind the berserker. "Skill connect!" the dagger glow blue slashing 6 time into the back of the berserker lowering his life by 20%. "Now it is over!" the blade glow orange and he cut and trusted 3 times. The berserker time was a 10%, Olethros' health  was at 20%.

"That was a close fight..." Olethros fail to the ground blacking out.
Gleipnir ' Paradox' Stavros (WIP OC) by graychi
Gleipnir ' Paradox' Stavros (WIP OC)
"A post apocalyptic assassin, whos  lack of patience may even surpass his skill." - Assassin's Guild Roster

He uses two large knifes strapped to his pant lag along with two revolvers on the inside of his jacket.
He has a device implanted in him that allows him to create objects ( Weapons mainly), he can also use said device to increase  his speed and strength
his jacket is a made to defect bullets(his cloths are made from special polymers that is still light and comfortable)

I'm happy i won the raffle that the amazing :iconno0dles919:
:iconno0dles919: is the artist ,I could never do anything this AWESOME!

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